Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ho, ho, ho! Gifts: start small and local.

Q. Where can you find a unique gift of fine art?

A. "Farm to Frames" exhibit at Who's Cooking in Croton Falls and "Festive Home" in Ridgefield, CT.

Check out my original oil paintings for great gifts and the feel-good feeling of shopping with a local focus!

Festive Home, at the Ridgefield Artists Guild, features decorators' showcases with fine art and fine crafts for sale. Lots of fun decor ideas.

And plan your visit to see original still life paintings at Who's Cooking around mealtime. you are going to want to have lunch ... or an afternoon baked treat... or a "home cooked" dinner... or order catered specialties for your holiday gatherings...

Tis the Season, so stop by for some holly jolly artwork.
Hope to see you there!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

shadows and highlights and ...HAIR? (oh my)

Open studio events are great, whether you are an artist or art lover. The bonus for artists is to be inspired by the energy and creative atmosphere. Studios are holy places where true believers in the almighty power of paint are itching to be baptized.

Perhaps I exaggerate.

But who doesn’t like a slightly voyeuristic experience now and then? Just imagine yourself in those paint-splattered shoes.

Recently my friend Donna and I attended the Mother of All Open Studios at New York’s historic 41 Union Square. For 100 years this building has been the soul of creativity from Ashcan School artists to Andy Warhol and beyond.

We were looking forward to seeing Leah Lopez, an outstanding representational painter who teaches at New York Art Academy. Leah’s studio has an awesome, high, north-facing window, paint smells, display shelves and beautiful still life masterpieces everywhere! 

It feels like the perfect environment for incredible artistry. And it must be because that’s what happens there. If you don’t know Leah’s work, check out her website.  She’s a fabulous painter and a wonderful teacher. I can’t wait to take class with her again!

There are 14 floors of artistic magic happening at 41 Union Square. Donna and I wandered the hallways visiting painters whose media, styles and subject matter differed, but all were welcoming and willing to share their artistic experiences. We talked about everything from toning prepared canvas to glazing finished pieces.

We passed other painting pilgrims coming and going throughout the afternoon in stairwells, hallways and elevators. Lots of artistic energy!

So when a woman we had seen several times said, “Oh hi again! I hope you don’t mind, I wanted to speak to you about highlights,” I thought, “wow, she thinks I have some artistic insight to offer!”

And then she asked, “Who does your highlights?” Looking at my HAIR! So much for sharing my artistic insights! But I was flattered and, after all, my hairstylist is an "artist" too.

So if you want perfect highlights (and lowlights) in your hair, see Linda Vacarro at LaSpina Renewed Image Salon in Mahopac, and at Salon Perri in Pound Ridge. Linda is so talented, she makes me look good!

And, if you want to know about painting highlights you should take class with Leah!
You'll be glad you did!