Wednesday, June 13, 2012

adventures in social media

My adventures in social media over the last few months have been interesting and enlightening... and pretty darn social! Sure, it takes time to wade through all the blogs (well, not nearly ALL the blogs!) I have found some useful creative information and assistance as well as thoughtful, engaging - and often humorous - marketing insights.

Thanks to the real media mavens and mavericks out there, who are prolific bloggers, I've learned a thing or two as well as made connections with potential buyers and real art lovers! So here are some of the folks who make me stop and think... or more importantly... just STOP making excuses and get to work!

Carolyn Edlund
 Carolyn is the founder of Artsy Shark, a consulting service for emerging artists. And Carolyn actually puts her support into practice by featuring artists on her website! First I was linked on Arsty Shark under the heading "Links to Artists We Love" (Who doesn't love THAT listing!) Then I was received an email from Carolyn on Mother's Day asking if I wanted to be considered as a featured artist! Um... YES!!! I was truly honored to be asked. And my blog and website views have increased tremendously since the featured artist post! Thank you Carolyn! You can see my featured artist post on Artsy Shark here. While you're there check out Carolyn's advice as well as other featured artists on Artsy Shark!

Alease Michelle
multi media collage by Alease Michelle

Alease Michelle is an artist and consultant and generous soul! Her medium is collage - and that makes sense! Alease has forged a creative collaboration: working her art while helping other artists with market theirs. And did I mention generous? Last month Alease spent an hour on a FREE phone consultation with me! She offered advice on prioritizing online marketing and made me feel good about my decisions and capabilities. Thank you Alease!

Ariane Goodwin: smARTist
Ariane is an artist's consultant who offers a multitude of connection through seminars and webinars, etc - some of which are free. I participated in a free webinar on Pinterest where I learned many helpful hints and was introduced to the well informed and highly irreverent Jess and Sammi from Badass Biz. Always so many new things and new ways to learn!

©2012 Jackie Garner, Eye of the Beholder. Acrylic on board.
photo: "Eye of the Beholder" by Jackie  Garner, acrylic on board
Alyson B. Stanfield, the Art Biz Coach  has real advice for artists. She understands when we are our own worst enemies - sabotaging our professionalism. Alyson has "nut n bolts" (or maybe, brush and palette) info as well as some soul-searching suggestions for how to be honest with yourself, spark you creativity and get serious about promoting your work. Click her name above to reach her blog on thinking big - as illustrated by the rather large critter by one of her featured artists, Jackie Garner!

Social media works!
It takes some discipline to not let the art of connecting take over the art of making art! But really, it's not too hard to keep it in balance since I truly love making art. Honestly! there's no real danger that I will become a tech geek (no offense to the brilliant ones) or a marketing maven!

A sprinkling of social media a day is already helping the business-side of my artwork grow. Recently, through friends ... of friends ... of friends on this great wide world web, I was contacted by Produce Pete, my favorite veggie guru on NBC. He heard about a painting of mine. It just happens to be called "Tribute to Produce Pete"! (read the related blog post here)

With a little consistent effort social media can, quite literally, pay off!


  1. Dorothy,
    Thanks for the mention. It's really easy to help other artists who willing to embrace social media. I love helping other artists and I want everyone of us to succeed. I want us to become millionaire creative entrepreneurs!

  2. Well, my goodness Dorothy, how lovely of you to include me in such stellar company! I'm so glad the Pinterest webinar gave you solid information.

    This new world of ours keeps turning and turning on its own creative axis - keeping up (or "in" since gravity works differently on the online universe) is an ongoing adventure.

    I love your reality check on the often out-of-control reaction to social media taking over everyone's time. Honestly, before Pinterest we sharpened pencils!

  3. Ariane, I'm grateful for all the help and support!
    Regarding Pinterest... I'm slow to partake because it feels like so much SELF-promoting. But I am trying to incorporate some of the Badass ideas of Jess and Sammi. I know I'll get there!
    Thanks again!

  4. Ah, yes, the "self promotion" syndrome. What if you gave it a different lens to look through?

    What if you said to yourself, "Self, if we don't promote our work, it will languish in obscurity and our vision will not have a chance to change our small corner of the world. Self promotion is vision realized."

    What if....??

    1. Nice idea: changing our small corner of the world! I can work with that!


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