Tuesday, September 18, 2012

painting... walls!

It's been a busy summer (what other kind is there?!) All things considered, I've done a lot of painting. But lately the "painting" has been with a roller and my studio has never looked better. To be honest... it was kind of a disaster.

Look left. Yeah, that's what I was dealing with.

I had planned wanted needed to make some big changes and Alyson Stanfield's "Get Organized" class helped identify the obstacles to getting it done (more about that in a future blog).

My studio has lots of closets but few walls for art display. Time to address this!

Out with the contrasting trim. Walls and trim needed to blend for a more neutral backdrop.

Check out the transformation!
Looking forward to even more creative energy in this room!
The whole room is grey, except for the sunny stairwell. Now trim and closet doors fade into the background. Kept the checkerboard flooring and the hooked rug looks better than ever.

Removable racks hanging across the doors of 3 closets make good use of all that non-wall space. This is the same view as the first photo above.

Here is the far end of the room with the old loveseat re-covered (same square windows as above). Lovely spot for a spot of tea by the spotted carpet! Guess before entertaining clients I may need a grown-up sized chair! 
The little green chair is from nursery school. Somehow it seems fitting. 

Not so coincidentally, the painting I'm working on at the moment is a quiet interior space. Lately, I've been interested in light coming through windows, imagining the private world in that space. Inner sanctum, private spaces, that sort of thing. It's good to appreciate your own creative space.

(Thanks Ken, couldn't have done it without you!)


  1. wow great job! my painting space is a total wreck! I love the desplay space

    1. thanks Sharon! I hope you feel inspired to de-wreck your painting space - it's totally worth it!

  2. What a lovely space, Dorothy - well worth the work and time involved! Congratulations...

  3. Ooh, it's delicious, mom! And the removable display shelves across the doors? Brilliant. Staircase makes me happy. Must feel great walking up there now.

  4. It does indeed! I'm glad you like the stairs - seemed like a good place to add some light.

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