Saturday, January 26, 2013

make art... lose weight!


"Amazing Weight Loss Attributed to Daily Painting"

Hey, it's January - isn't weight loss the only topic of interest?!! Unfortunately, this is one headline you won't see anytime soon. How do I know? I've been painting almost daily for more than a year. And weight loss? ... not so much.

During the summer my painting regimen did include many trips to the farmers market for luscious fruits and vegetables that were memorialized in still life, and eaten.

Here are a couple of examples:
Tiger Eggplant ©2012 Dorothy Lorenze
Fig 'n' Friends ©2012 Dorothy Lorenze

But the best I can say about my winter routine is that I have painted more and more and have not fallen prey to the current trend of painting pastries and oversize donuts. You see, I know myself. If I had to face a sweet confection over the hours it takes for even a small painting I'd be in my car heading to the bakery.

Wait, I could paint pastries on Mondays when the bakeries are closed! Nah, McDonalds is always open and their Mocha Frappe is a good stand-in for any sweet.

(Another favorite activity this summer was finding the best Mocha Frappucino. It was a challenge, but I was up to it! Since I'm not actually a "coffee" drinker, my vote goes went to McDonalds frozen Mocha Frappe, which is more mocha and less coffee. And boy did I indulge... until I looked up the calories! Anyway, it's too cold and NY is frozen enough without adding frozen beverages... hmm, there is always "naughty coffee" like Mocha Latte... but I digress)

So painting may not help with weight loss but it certainly feeds the soul. Works for me.

Here's a recent painting called "Sunny and Clear" as I look forward to warmer weather!
Sunny and Clear ©2013 Dorothy Lorenze


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