Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Luvely Cuppa

Here's hoping your St. Patrick's Day was sweet and civil! (You know what I'm talking about.) Mine included Aunt Rena's Irish Soda Bread. Delicious!

And my drink of choice is that ubiquitous Irish beverage served in times of trial and celebration: tea! I bet you were thinking Guinness. But I have a rule: only drink Guinness in Ireland. It tastes better there. Seriously!

Tea fills my day so it's no surprise that tea and teacups finds their way into my artwork.

I paint teacups because beauty, tradition and nostalgia are built right in. Everyone has a favorite cup or mug to drink from, and other cups bring back memories. The teacups in the paintings below belong to grandmothers and the paintings themselves were gifts to newlyweds.
Right now the most important cup is the one below because it comes with a gift and it could be yours! With every $25 donation to help educate girls in Nepal you get a chance to win my original painting: Mug Hug (oil on panel, 8" x10"). It's easy, follow this link to donate before March 31 and learn how your support will make a huge difference in the lives of girls and their communities.

Mug Hug © 2013 Dorothy Lorenze
You can help a girl in the mountains of rural Nepal continue her education and improve not only her own life, but her whole community!  Educating girls really is an investment in ending poverty.
  • $25 buys a desk
  • $100 provides a door
  • $1000 builds an entire classroom! 
Thanks to those who have donated already bringing this campaign beyond the halfway mark! Please forward this blog to your friends who appreciate the importance of educating girls.
From the bottom of my heart - a mountain of thanks!


  1. I love your teacups! Delicate and colourful, and I agree that everone has a special/favourite cup.

  2. Thanks Nigel! I do love to drink tea in a fine china cup!


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