Sunday, June 30, 2013

"A Quail walks into a bar..., a firehouse. She makes friends with the dalmatian... yeah, that's it..."

Something like that has to explain how those crazy spots got on the quail eggs, right? I'm no zoologist, but it makes sense to me!

Meanwhile, here they are: a pair of quail eggs, cozying up with each other and they need a title. I know you all are just dying to help me out.

What do you think?
There's something about the spots that looks kind of worldly, like earth from space... sort of.
So maybe -
    • You Are My World  
    •  Eggsisting World
Or pun-i-ness -
    • Quails by Comparison
    • Quail Watching
 Or descriptive -
    • Speckled Reflections
    • Eggceptional Beauties 
I just can't decide. So suggestions are welcome!

©2013 Dorothy Lorenze

In any case, they were great fun to paint. And take my word for it - all the spots are painted exactly as they were in real life on the actual eggs!!!  ;-)

(If you believe that, you're probably also good with, "a quail walks into a bar, no a firehouse...")


  1. Love Quails by Comparison - made me laugh out lous.

    1. Thanks Win. It's been such fun getting ideas from folks! Another good one: Unbeatable! Made me laugh too!


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