Saturday, August 24, 2013

What I did on my summer vacation...

It's almost "back to school" so I thought I'd share what I did on my summer vacation. And I'm happy to say it wasn't a break from painting!

My trip south this year was a little shorter than usual, but amazingly, in between Little League games, swim meets and family visits lots of painting were completed. Many were inspired by trips to the wonderful farmers markets (where I amused my family by choosing fruits and vegetables for their form and color rather than taste).

Standing Figs, 5x5" ©2013 Dorothy Lorenze
There were gorgeous figs. I never get to eat the figs - they are always way over-ripe by the time the painting is finished. Luscious peaches, red cabbage...and quail eggs! The eggs came home with me... very carefully.
Southern Peaches, 6x9" ©2013 Dorothy Lorenze

Lots of other art-activity as well. We visited every gallery in Charlotte this summer. The best was McColl Fine Art where it felt almost like visiting old friends since so many names were familiar.  Many are former classmates of my teacher Todd Casey and modern masters of representational painting, in my humble opinion. I felt like I knew them already but actually seeing the work itself was fantastic and inspiring. Paintings by Carlos Madrid, Joshua LaRock, Travis Schlaht, Nicholas Hiltner and Donald Jurney as well as other wonderful contemporary realist painters are exhibited at McColl. What a treat!

A couple of road trips added to the art adventures. This painting was part of a plein air excursion to Olana, the home of Frederic Church in Hudson, NY. Such a beautiful estate! The morning painting was comfortable but it got up to around 90ยบ by afternoon and we melted so I have nothing to show from after lunch (they told me plein air was an extreme sport, it's true).
Olana Hudson View, 9x12" @2013 Dorothy Lorenze

Last week we took a short trip to Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme to bask in the beauty of American Impressionists and imagine what it was like to be part of that illustrious artist colony! It's a fantastic museum on beautiful grounds, including a restored, historic home less than 2 hours from Somers. I can't believe I'd never gone before! And the shore towns along the way are just full of fine galleries. Plus when you need a break, there is water-view dining or happy-hour at historic inns. Gaze and graze. It's perfect.
Jule 6x6" ©2013 Dorothy Lorenze

And finally, this portrait of my grand daughter was painted for the upcoming portrait show at Katonah Museum. Another new and challenging art experience but truly a joy in the end! Which is totally appropriate for this sweet girl.

Summer's almost over but you can still take a look at my summer's bounty of artwork. Stop in at Who's Cooking in Croton Falls through the end of September. I will also have several paintings at Katonah Museum of Art and Ridgefield Guild of Artists in Ridgefield, CT during September. I hope you have enjoyed a creative and happy summer!


  1. Beautiful work, Dorothy. A lot of traditional still lives seem static to me, but yours are vibrant. Love your colors and compositions. Lovely! Saw your article on ArtPromotivate. All success and blessings to you, Joanie.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm thrilled to know my "still" lives are not so still!


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