Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to school!

I've always loved "back-to-school" time. Always (not just when my kids were going). Call me crazy, but I find the ritual of preparation exciting.

Not so coincidentally the background for this September still life is an unfolded paper bag - like we used to cover textbooks "back in the day." The final painting may not include paper bag creases, but it's making me smile as I prepare for the painting.

And I'm happy to say I'm "back to school" too. Back to art studies with my studio buddies and our painting-master-guru, Todd Casey. Here's a look at the classical preparation and process we're learning.

This set-up took forever. I tweaked the book placement many times, tried many different  objects before settling on the horn rims and the magnifying glass.

The drawing: well, suffice it to say that perspective and fore-shortening are challenging and after a day of drawing... I re-drew most of it! 

Transferring the drawing to canvas is done by painting on the back and using a red pen to trace over so you can see that no lines are missed. Just like graphite transfer paper, but with paint.

And then it's time to paint... in miniature! A small poster study gets the basic information in place. This step helps to see how the colors and shapes relate. It's 4x6" and took about 4 hours. So now I have a sweet little study of the painting-to-be!

"Creative Study" 8x10" ©2012 Dorothy Lorenze

The final painting is not done yet, well, it's not even begun. So here's another small painting with that back-to-school feel.
"Learn something!!!" That was my Dad's command as we left for school each day. Sure, we rolled our eyes, but I guess it stayed with me.

Live and learn? or is it: learn and live? Either way: "back to school!" I'm all for it.

Thanks for joining my artistic journey.

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