Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thank "bad"ness

A holiday that celebrates thankfulness. It’s kind of an impressive concept:  A day just to focus on things to be thankful for. We thank good-ness all the time, but how about thanking bad-ness, poor execution and failure? Doing work that is almost good enough lets me glimpse the carrot, the reward, to strive for at the end of the day (more likely, the salted, dark chocolate caramel... whatever)

Anyway, at the start of a painting, if you can't see the goals you want to reach and recognize what it takes to get there, it's not likely to happen. It helps to know what's not working, which means engaging in honest, careful self-examination.
This is not easy.

So I'm also thankful for artist friends who will honestly identify areas that need help as well as areas that are just fine! (sign it and frame it already!) We help each other stay on track, which is awesome. Like a workout partner - commitments are made, the practice gets done,  progress ensues! It looks something like this:

It's all about getting down to work.

Robert Genn has all sorts of great advice for painters and he recently quoted the writer Ray Bradbury, "Write a thousand words a day and in three years you'll be a writer." That works for painting too.

c/o Robin Kalinich's More Ink on Facebook
Janet Hulstrand's advice on the practice of writing hit a similar chord (courtesy of Robin Kalinich’s Facebook page "More Ink" a great place for words, wit and wisdom, btw).

This painting/writing relationship is connecting with me lately. Coincidentally I've been painting books. Lots of books. Mostly old books. I love the thought that they have a history of encouraging and enlightening readers.

Meanwhile I spend hours choosing books, finagling perspective and imagining many paintings to come. I just need time... and patience.

Patience! Days of painting that include a healthy dose of patience are the days I'm most thankful for. That's when the best work gets done.
(Eventually. Be patient!)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

"Novel Exploration" 12x16" ©2013 dorothylorenze
"Past Times" 11x14" ©dorothylorenze

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  1. Patience is really the key to fruition of the ideas you have in mind for a piece.


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