Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tiny Bubbles... in the paint...

Remember Don Ho's "Tiny bubbles, in the wine.." No? Well, never mind...but, it's kind of stuck in my head working on these grapes.

Lately I've been attempting smaller, simpler paintings to add to my September exhibit at Muscoot Farm Gallery. Working on less intricate compositions should be less time intensive so hopefully the price could be lower. Maybe. So far it seems like less really is more.

Here's what happened. My "simple" composition of two objects consisted of one wedge of lime and ...thousands of tiny champagne grapes.

Simple? Maybe. Quick? Not so much.

Maintaining a commitment to representational painting, I rendered every tiny glowing globe. Confirming, as if there was any doubt, that the devil is in the details. And the way of the devil is sometimes where the most fun lies.

Champagne Grapes ©2014 Dorothy Lorenze

This took awhile to finish and I was a bit worried that the grapes would ferment before it was done. Alas, no champagne for me. Although these little guys are called Champagne grapes, they are not actually used to make wine. Officially called Corinth grapes, the champagne name came from ads comparing them to champagne's tiny bubbles. These sweet, seedless grapes are also dried to make Zante currants.

And that's the "current" produce trivia. My pal Produce Pete would be proud.

(For those of you old enough to walk down a 1960s memory lane, here's a link to Tiny Bubbles. Fair warning: it's one of those inane tunes that gets stuck in your head!)

Thanks for joining me on my painting journey.

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