Thursday, September 25, 2014

You know you're an artist when...

Well, some of the apparent signs are... the number of paintings completed ...or frequent sketching ...or the fact that all travel includes a museum visit... Still, I think it's not always easy to claim the title "artist" for oneself.

Art and creative activity have always been important to me. My profession was a graphic artist. And it goes without saying that all mothers are pretty creative by necessity. So after I left graphic design work and began to paint, I felt comfortable calling myself a painter. That seemed realistic and justifiable -  most of my clothes were paint clothes!

But painting is something you do. Artist is something you become. It's just not easy to claim it because there is always so much more to learn, more mastery to strive for. It feels a little more obvious when others recognize that it's what I'm committed to.

This week I am happily ensconced in a friend's beautiful home and very busy...helping with puppy care! But these folks know that I need to paint. They've offered lights and drop cloths in addition to a houseful of fabulous objects. So I'm thinking that maybe you know you're an artist when others get it and friends allow their lovely home to look like this for a week or so (what a lucky house guest am I!) -

In between dog walks and lots of "fetch" I did a painted sketch of some fabulous old, green glass bottles with a warm rusty, conch shell for contrast. This little study took just about an hour. Maybe a larger, more refined version will come next. Maybe not. Either way, it was a very worthwhile exercise. As much as I love details, there is something wonderful about quickly capturing the essence of still life objects. It's like being introduced to someone you just know you will enjoy spending time with. Like good friends. Thank you Janice and Peter!
Thanks for joining me on my art journey!


  1. Oh my yes, nice friends! Lovely painting.

    1. Thanks do much Diane. I'm really lucky - great friends, great space, great time!


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