Friday, October 24, 2014

More STUFF doesn't always mean more art

Years ago my kids were playing with their cousins, gathering odd bits of wood and old stuff to make something. In total frustration my nephew, Jon, said, "I just know I could build a real rocket if I had enough metal!!!"

I don't know about you, but I've often thought that having enough stuff meant I could do more. I guess it has to do with some form of intention, or the idea of being "ready." Or maybe it's because we come from "hunters and gatherers."

My version of Jon's frustration goes something like this:
     If I had the right workout clothes, I would exercise more...
     If I buy enough art supplies, I can be more creative...

Sound familiar? I have to remind myself that more stuff doesn't necessarily translate to more productivity. Truly, you have to "Just do it." So I'm gathering less and painting more. Although to be honest, I still enjoy the hunt for perfect still life objects. Below is the still life cupboard in my studio chock full of vintage finds and quirky crap.

Clearly, I have plenty of stuff already. The trick is to avoid that tipping point where pressure to paint each and every blessed thing in the collection brings guilt!

Still, you never know what will inspire!

Thrifty Pig & Pot ©2012 Dorothy Lorenze
Betty's Painting Book ©2014 Dorothy Lorenze

This Thrifty Pig & Pot was painted for a friend featuring her whimsical, vintage objects.

Betty's Painting Book is a an original coloring book from 1917. I'm thinking it must have been a creative starting point for someone back then!

Thanks for joining me on my painting journey!

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