Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Peace, Joy and Merriment

The gift-giving season is meant to be wonderful but it can bring a level of stress and frustration as our desire to meet the hopes of our loved ones may be a bit overwhelming. Our loved ones? Well, it seems they're fine with anything that's wrapped. More or less.

If finding the perfect gift isn't what brings the greatest satisfaction, the joy of knowing folks well enough to have a sense of what will bring a smile to their face, can be pretty amazing. One year I experienced great joy finding the time to make meringue mushrooms for a yule log (what can I say, it seemed like a big deal at the time).

So here's the point of view that I hope to maintain - trust that the people we love already know that we want the very best for them ...always. Not just at Christmas! And beyond that, try to creatively reinforce that truth.

Many thanks for all the kind words of support for my art endeavors throughout the past year. I wish you and your loved ones all the joys of the holiday season and a peaceful New Year!

It's a wonderful life... jingle all the way!

Jingle ©2014 Dorothy Lorenze

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