Thursday, November 26, 2015

Feeling Great Fullness

Time to step up to the plate and declare our great fullness. I mean, gratefulness! I'm sure you are all super busy with family and friends, so I'll just take a moment to say -

It's been a year filled with many good moments thanks to family and friends, colleagues and collectors. I'm so very appreciative, because creating art is one of the most fulfilling personal challenges I know... except when it isn't. You keep me going, making art and being fulfilled.

And so I'm wishing you all "Great Fullness" in your life, on Thanksgiving and always!

green cabbage still life, wine crate
Vintage Cabbage ©2015 Dorothy Lorenze, 10x11"

"I have touched with a sense of art some people – they felt the love and the life. Can you offer me anything to compare to that joy for an artist?" (Mary Cassatt)

Thanks for joining me on my art journey.

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