Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

It's Spring, the flowers are beginning to bloom and there's a whole new crop of subjects for painting!

Going from the structured shapes of my typical still life objects to organic flower forms is actually quite a transition for me, but... it's spring, a time for newness and venturing out of the box.
"Going Solo" ©2016 Dorothy Lorenze

This is my first floral in quite a while. It was a bit daunting at first, but once I got into it, I really enjoyed it! This little daisy-mum was pulled out of a big bouquet to start small... et voilà! "Going Solo"! Of course the elegance of the vase helped keep me anchored in my comfort zone!

I'm happily working on another floral with several blooms. It's taking a bit longer, plus I've taken photos along the way so will post progress shots with the finished painting fairly soon. (spoiler alert: I'm trying my hand at ranunculus!)

Meanwhile, Spring is also the season for art shows. In between garden clean up, make time to take in some art!

For example - Ridgefield Guild of Artists has its juried member show currently through May 2nd with a reception Saturday, April 2nd from 4-6pm. Come on by to see some wonderful artwork. 

Last week I visited two inspirational exhibits in NY. "Painting Tranquility" featured elegant, moody portraits and interiors by Vilhelm Hammershøi. His tonal color palette is not particularly spring-like, but there is so much to learn by observing his portrayal of light!
Interior from Strandgade with Sunlight on the Floor, Hammershøi
Unfortunately the Hammershøi exhibit has already closed but you can still pop into Scandinavia House to enjoy their café with authentic northern delights - on your way to Salmagundi Art Club where there's always wonderful artwork to see.

My next gallery visit was to see Hudson Valley Arts Association's 83rd annual exhibition of representational art at Salmagundi Art Club (of which I am pleased to now be a member!) The current show is a diverse collection of works by contemporary artists painting realism from portraits to cityscapes. The show closes April April 1st so there are just a few days left to be inspired by this display of excellent artwork, as shown below.

Happy Spring! Enjoy the warmth and creative spirit of the season!

Thanks for joining me on my art journey.

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