Sunday, November 20, 2016

What's there to be thankful for...

Without getting political... let's just say it's been a stressful election season. So this Thanksgiving I intend to be thankful for every bit of kindness and artful beauty that humanity is capable of.

Every generous and gentle moment makes our world a better place and we need that. So I would just ask you to look for those ... and create a few gentle moments of your own.
stone house farm, plein air, barn, maple tree
Foggy Peaceful Morning ©2016 DL

Recently I wrote a post, What Good is Art, and it seems fitting today to be reminded of the visual and emotional beauty that art can invoke. Laughter might be the best medicine, but art is pretty good daily nourishment.

We can be thankful that throughout economic and political adversity there are still many vital and vibrant organizations supporting artists and recognizing the significance of artful beauty in our lives. Through their efforts, opportunities for artists and art lovers abound. There are lots of affordable art and craft sales going on at this time of year, so check them out and maybe give a unique gift of art to someone will truly appreciate a little beauty added to their world.

I'm personally pleased - and thankful - that three of my paintings have been accepted to the historic Salmagundi Club's 108th annual Thumb-Box exhibition and sale.

Interior painting, nostalgic still life

Salmagundi Club is a special place for artists. This historic association of representational painters, illustrators and sculptors is housed in a classic brownstone on 5th Ave. The walls and halls are bedecked with artwork by famous American painters throughout the Club's 145 year history. Such artists as N.C. Wyeth, Childe Hassam, William Merritt Chase, Howard Pyle, Dean Cornwell and Louis Tiffany have been members. Many still have work exhibited at the club!

While Salmagundi's home is a beautiful, art-filled building year round, holiday d├ęcor adds to the atmosphere and right now the Thumb Box exhibit and sale is also on view in both galleries. This popular show is described as The Biggest Little Art Show of the Year because there is so much beautiful, affordable art to bring home. As an artist, what's unique is that you get wall space for up to three paintings, but when a piece sells you can replace it with another. So, there is a rotating collection of affordable art through December 31st! How cool is that!

At the risk of sounding like Pollyanna, I'm choosing to focus on all the goodness we can muster this Thanksgiving. It should be pretty easy because we are fortunate to have the whole family gathering together this year. Parents, children, spouses, grandkids, grandbaby and pups! Enough to make anyone smile!

May your Thanksgiving be as FULL-filling as it is "filling"!

As always, my sincere thanks to you for following my artistic journey.

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