Friday, December 30, 2016

What's Up for the New Year

They say that on your birthday if you do something close to your heart you will make more time for that precious thing throughout the year. The birth of a New Year could use a similarly meaningful start.

Rather than declaring resolutions, I like the idea of setting intentions. Name the thing that feeds your soul and then spend the year working to get closer to that.

I'm focusing on aesthetics - both physical and emotional. The physical part is easy because that's all about appreciating beauty in our world. For me that includes making artwork that aspires to being beautiful. The emotional part is a bit tougher since it has to do with how we feel and behave and I suppose it boils down to being sensitive as well as seeing sensitivity and kindness in others. Not always easy, but a good goal.

(Just thought I'd share that with you all because if I "say it out loud" it has greater "sticking power.")

And the other New Year's to-do is to make a list of tasks. Oh, you know, like... travel!

Here is list of some of my art-related tasks for 2017. There are lots of new adventures on tap already - and some actually might involve travel.
  • working on painting portraits
  • study drawing facial features
  • floral painting workshop
  • artist residency at Weir Farm
  • helping with Todd Casey's still life workshops (more info to come)
  • better internet marketing
work in progress, value study,
grisaille (value study)
One of my first tasks for the New Year is to add a works in progress page to my website highlighting steps and processes for whatever is on my easel. The first one is up now and I hope to change it a couple of times a month. Click on this LINK to take a look and check back often.

It's going to be a busy (and productive) year and I hope you are also looking forward to some new, creative challenges in 2017.

Here's to an aesthetically-pleasing, 
creative and kind New Year!
After all, the world can use more kindness and aesthetics... and possibly some ethics...

In other news...
Recently sold works include Purple Peppers and Morning Light at Seven Hearths, both sold were purchased at the Salmagundi Art Club' Thumb Box Exhibit this December.
Purple Peppers ©2014 Dorothy Lorenze

Morning Light at Seven Hearths ©2014 Lorenze

Thanks for joining me on my art journey. Please feel free to forward this newsletter to friends and art lovers.

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