Saturday, June 2, 2018

Gathered Realism at Muscoot Farm Manor House Gallery

Hi Friends,

This is a quick note to remind folks that our group art exhibit Gathered Realism begins TODAY at the Muscoot Farm Manor House Gallery.

This exhibition is a collection of realistic artwork by artists who have all studied classical methods of painting with Todd Casey. The goal in painting Realism is making paintings that realistically represent identifiable objects from life. So... painting stuff that actually looks like stuff!

Come by to see how our artists have interpreted their artistic interest in Realism. Each artist's personal touch adds a poetic individualism to their work, rather than creating hyper-realistic copies.

Subjects range from classical still life compositions to floral, landscape and portraiture. There's even a Death Star! (which can happen when you master painting spheres)

My paintings below were actually exercises in painting objects with a narrow range of chroma, in preparation for a white-on-white cast drawing (the one I seem to talk about more than work on).

1950s pottery, lamb planter, ceramic chick
Pottery Barn...Yard, ©2018 Dorothy Lorenze
sarcasm, gargoyles, oil painting
Seriously, I Can't Even, ©2018 Dorothy Lorenze
We all have an appreciation for the classical atelier method and would love to chat about it with you so come on by!

Lastly, we've been invited to open early on Sundays to coincide with the Farmer's Market shoppers. But, if you plan to come early on Sunday morning please email me to make sure we have been able to cover those hours. I will definitely be there at 10 tomorrow June 3.

Hope to see you!

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