Sunday, December 6, 2020

Hanging in there, and there...

Hey folks, I hope you are all doing well, hunkering down, masking up and staying focused on protecting yourself and your loved ones as the winter weather sets in for real. It seems the least we can do for our heroic, beleaguered front-line health care workers is to take care to stay healthy. So far we are OK.

If you've wondered about my social media slump in recent months, it's mainly to avoid too much negativity. And although I truly believe that all creative arts are good for the soul, lately the challenges are so great that it seems a bit trivial. 

However, my work is currently in a show that not only highlights fine art but also benefits a variety of charities in Westchester County so it feels good to mention it. For 48 years St. Matthew's has held Art Show Bedford to raise money for local charities in Westchester County. They have done so much good, supporting charities every year, that it feels good to have been part of this effort again. This year the exhibit is online and I have eight paintings included. You can see my work here and also the work of many fine artists who enjoy giving back to our communities - including my friends Leslie Carone and Laura Gould! There is also an impressive list of the 14 charities who will benefit from the proceeds of art sales.

Here are three of my eight paintings at Art Show Bedford.

flow blue china, heirloom tomato
Heirloom & Antique ©2020 Dorothy Lorenze

Flow blue china, blue cheese still life painting
Blue on Blue ©2020 Dorothy Lorenze

Red spring onions, still life, fresh produce
Baby Red Onions ©2020 Dorothy Lorenze

I am also pleased to say that two of my paintings are on exhibit at the beautiful Mark Twain Library in Redding, CT. This is always a beautiful show! It runs from Dec 5th to Dec 13th and, this year, you can see the work online as well as in person. Paintings are listed alphabetically by title and mine are Chick Please and The Regiment.

vintage diner, restaurant check, chick
Chick Please ©2018 Dorothy Lorenze

shaving brushes, vintage barber, original art
The Regiment ©2020 Dorothy Lorenze

If you're wondering about the art world in our new home state of Massachusetts, well, I have connected with several arts organizations. Of course it hasn't been so easy since more than half of the year that we've lived here has been during "the great Covid19 pandemic" (not so great, but you know what I mean). So I'm very pleased to have won awards at the Boston Guild of Artists, Newburyport Art Association and Rockport Art Association and Museum! Currently my painting Plum Regal is in the Annual National Exhibit in Rockport and it's a truly gorgeous show! And Pepper Pile is at Newburyport.

textile pattern, plums, still life
Plum Regal ©2020 Dorothy Lorenze

peppers, still life, original fine art
Pepper Pile ©2020 Dorothy Lorenze

Lastly I want to say a belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I feel blessed to have been able to celebrate with our small family pandemic pod in MA and look forward to seeing the rest of our crew - hopefully in the near future. It's been hard to be apart but I am grateful that we are all healthy. I also appreciate all the good wishes and support of so many art lovers and artist friends who continue to create,  making this world a more beautiful place for us all! Stay healthy, my friends!

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