Wednesday, May 16, 2012

got lemons? paint lemonade!

I like yellow things - pears, lemons, sunshine...yellow labs puppies! who doesn't?!

Yellow paint? that's another story. I have two of the most beautiful yellow pears in my studio. They are supposed to be the luscious subject of a new still life, but they are far from luscious... so far.

What color is yellow in shadow anyway? brown, grey, rusty, greenish? Sometimes it's even kind of purple! You see the problem.

Yesterday was a rainy, dismal day and my yellow paint was equally dismal. So to keep myself hopeful that there is real lemon yellow somewhere in the palette of my mind, I'm posting a more successful journey into the sunny world of yellow via lemons (with artichokes lurking in the shadow). I know I struggled with the lemon shadow color for this painting too because I was tempted to turn them into  lemonade!

I hope to post my yellow pears soon... when we are on better terms.

If you love artichokes, sorry to relegate them to the background, but this painting is all about the juicy yellow lemons!

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  1. She's very pretty! I love mixed media, too, and want to experiment more with it in future. Thanks for the inspiring example. :) kandy paint


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