Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eggplant Escape

Four mini eggplants sitting on a table...
Along comes a frying pan. 
Two curious young'ns are dazzled by the shine and they take a peek. 
But the other two know what's coming and they're ready to roll...

Eggplant Escape by dorothy byers lorenze, 7/2012
Who could resist these guys! 

You never know where inspiration and opportunity will come from. Happily, my daughter's babysitter's Dad and home re-modeler (did you follow that?) is also an avid cook and gardener who likes to share his vegetable bounty. He gave Tara these wonderful, shiny, purple eggplants.

Of course her kids thought they could be put to better use in my studio. I have to agree!

So, thanks to Aim Improvements of Charlotte, these purple cuties have been memorialized in oil paint instead of, well, sauteed in olive oil!

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