Thursday, July 12, 2012

summertime, and the living is...?

But it's all good. And I'm so lucky to be able to spend my time doing what I love: making art as well as connecting with family and friends, old and new.

This week I will meet a very new friend: Produce Pete of WNBC's Weekend Today in New York when I present my painting of asparagus to Pete on his TV show Saturday morning. It's on NBC between 9 and 10am and I hope you will tune in.
(I'll be the nervous one)

Pete knows everything about the seasonal vegetables that I love (maybe he'll tell me something  fascinating about the paper-encased tomatillos that I'm about to paint!)
On Saturday mornings Pete frequently brings my attention to something yummy and gorgeous.

"Tribute to Produce Pete"
This painting is one of my favorites. It was inspired by a segment of Pete's show that I've blogged about. It's called "Tribute to Produce Pete" and I'm honored, and excited, and nervous, and amazed... in any order you choose... to have the opportunity to show my painting on air!

In an effort to extend this serendipity beyond the walls of my studio, I'll be donating 20% of all painting sales throughout the summer to two wonderful, grassroots organizations:
Edge of Seven
Good for Kids

Both are volunteer-based organizations founded by folks who  passionately create environments that build self-esteem where it's needed most.
They personally invest love, sweat and tears to give children the chance for education.

They are ordinary people who are extraordinarily committed to the fine art of doing good!

Edge of Seven, founded by Erin, my daughter's friend, brings volunteers to remote regions of Nepal to actually BUILD schools and other infrastructure designed to empower girls in a part of the world where education for girls, traditionally, is not a priority, to say the least. Take a look at their website and see the amazing opportunities created for children in the mountains of Nepal!

photo by Rachael Grace Photography

Good for Kids, a program my friend Gail helps facilitate, provides a safe refuge as well as education opportunities for girls within a very dangerous area of LaCarpio, Costa Rica. When our local teachers learned of this refugee camp where 35,000 of the country's poorest families live in squalid conditions, they just had to help. Ever since, they have been raising funds, raising awareness and raising standards of health and education for so many!

We all know how important education is to the future of our own children but these organizations offer something more basic and far more precious:
It's a word we use everyday with little thought of the desperation and despair that take over when there is NO hope.

So I hope that you will help brighten the lives of children who could use a dose of good, old-fashioned, ordinary, hope-FULLness! Go to the websites of Good for Kids and Edge of Seven to make a direct donation or buy a painting this summer and I will send 20% of your purchase, in your name, to your choice to either Good for Kids or Edge of Seven.
"Hope Box"

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