Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hours turning into days

Our family room has a painted chimney smack in the middle of the longest wall. Basically, it's been a fairly annoying obstacle for the past 30+ years.

Recently I've been eyeing it as an interesting background for a still life. I had in mind a copper kettle on vintage tea towel. But then realized that it might take a few days to paint that set up (reflections in copper, striped towel, etc) and it's our family room so that might not be appreciated. Windows had to be covered to control the light and an easel, spotlight and a place for the palette, as well as towels thrown over furniture...

...not so much a place to relax!

So I figured: do a small painting. Shouldn't take more than 3-4 hours.


That glowing yellow Bartlet pear made a gorgeous rich yellow/burnt sienna reflection in the mahogany table top! Just radiant and exciting to capture!

But three hours turned into three days and now it's over a week that the family room has been turned upside down.

Poor Violet is not happy! Access to her bed under the desk has been become an obstacle course. That, and she just doesn't trust change.
Fortunately, it's not too hard to win her over again because she really is a sweetie.

So here is my chimney pear, with the painted brick behind it. Violet's not impressed with my artwork.
This one is only 5x5" ... and it took 5 days! I guess I'll never be a "daily painter" in the sense of a-painting-a-day. Although I do paint nearly every day so maybe that counts!
Chimney Pear, 5x5" oil on panel © 2013 Dorothy Lorenze
I've got to put the room back together for a while but this is not the last chimney painting, I'm sure! Sorry Violet.

PS - the winner of "Mug Hug" will be announced tonight. You can still donate to Mountain High Education for girls by going here ( or email me if you'd prefer to send a check).
THANK YOU to all who have generously donated already!
It's a great cause and "it's not about winning" (....but, I do hope you win!)

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