Saturday, April 20, 2013

warmth and gratitude

It's been a week of terror, tears and trauma from Boston to Texas. The good news is that our family and friends in Boston are now safely healing and holding one another close after some terrifying days. At the same time, the the town of West Texas continues to be filled with sadness for the tragic loss of so many lives in their small community.

One commonality is that the people of these towns came together in a time of tragedy to care for one another, often putting themselves in grave danger to help others with kindness and generosity. How brave, inspiring and heart warming! I'm grateful that our world is full of such people.

Talking about artwork seems a bit trivial, so I'm just going to share a painting that has made me smile. This little goat is quietly sheltered from snowy weather at Muscoot Farm, a historic farm in our town where dedicated folks recreate farm life from the 1800s. I hope it warms your heart too.

Goat Haven © 2013 Dorothy Lorenze

And speaking of kind and generous people: I want to sincerely thank everyone who has donated to my Mountain High Education for Girls campaign to support Edge of Seven's Building Up Girls projects.

Together we raised more than $1400 to improve education opportunities and the lives of girls in rural Nepal!

Your amazing response to this need is another example of the generous spirit of people willing to help those in need. THANK YOU so much!

While the campaign has technically ended and the winner of the painting has been drawn, it's still possible to make a donation on the website or send a check which I will send to Edge of Seven.

Thanks again to everyone for your wonderful support and sweet comments. I feel so lucky to have such kind and generous friends! Hugs to you all!!!

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