Monday, November 19, 2018

When it's hard to feel thankful

At this time of giving thanks I want to take a moment to thank the art lovers who feed the energy and creativity of artists with your support and kind comments. Whether you have purchased artwork, visited an exhibit or shared your feelings on social media please know that you play an important role in our continued creative effort. Sure, we're artists and we're gonna make art, but knowing our work strikes a chord is truly validating and keeps us going. And as I've said before, the world could use more beauty.

We are in California for Thanksgiving this year where the raging fires are all too real. Smoke permeates the air for hundreds of miles and there is a heaviness in both the air and in our hearts as we experience this devastating tragedy. It feels kind of trivial to focus on gratitude for the good things in my life at such a time, but I think - I hope - that appreciation is what gets us through such difficulties. I haven't quite decided how to help the victims of the fire but in appreciation of the generous support that I experience as an artist, I know that I will.

So, again, thank you for inspiring me! 

As far as my artwork goes, a selection of my paintings will be hanging at Who's Cooking in Croton Falls for one more week. Below are a few of the paintings on exhibit through November 26 (closed on Sundays).

original oil painting, representational art
Five Little Onions Sitting on a Bench ©2018 Dorothy Lorenze

original oil painting, classical still life
At the Opera © 2017 Dorothy Lorenze

original oil painting, classical interior, representational painting
Come In. Peace ©2018 Dorothy Lorenze

And just for fun - ho, ho, ho - a vintage Santa figure and his chocolate shadow. 
vintage Santa figure, chocolate  Santa Claus, representational art
Santa's Chocolate Shadow ©2017 Dorothy Lorenze

I will also have a few paintings at the annual Mark Twain Library benefit art show in Redding, CT from November 30 - December 9th. It's a short run, but worth a visit. The show is well-curated and well-displayed, the library itself is lovely and the folks involved are some of the most appreciative art patrons around. You might even find a unique work of art for special gift giving!

Meanwhile, the next few days will be focused on meal planning and preparing for guests. As with making art, the work of preparation is important to a successful outcome, but the spirit of what's behind the effort is what brings the work to life. So, whatever your Thanksgiving dinner plans may be, I hope you are also grateful for the goodness in your life and appreciative of all those whose small gestures of kindness feed your soul. Because gratitude is a happiness multiplier!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and special thanks for joining me on my art-filled journey.

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