Saturday, May 9, 2020

Making time for art - in the land that time forgot

For most of us there is very little that is "normal" about our day to day life this spring, With that in mind, and with Mother's Day coming, I want to shout out to all the Moms and Mom-assistants who are finding creative ways to entertain, inspire and teach their kids. Those who are able to meet daily challenges, spark inquisitiveness... and still manage to maintain sanity. I hope you all enjoy a little rest and a good bit of adulation this Mother's Day. You deserve it!

As an artist, this stay-at-home isolation is kind of normal: time at home = studio time. And while I wouldn't wish the reason for quarantining on anyone, I'm making the most of it. After last year's lengthy distraction of preparing to move, I was ready to be more productive.

Here are some of the pieces I have been working on since February. This is Sweeney Todd's Curtain Call. It's part of a series of vintage barbering tools that I'm enjoying painting. Vintage implements like these, with their delicate craftsmanship, just fascinate me and I was lucky enough to borrow some antique razors and shaving brushes from a friend's extensive collection.

It was difficult to create a composition that highlighted the razors but eventually I hung them inside a wine box and played with the light to capture the character of their handles and the shine of the blades. And since it looked like footlights on a stage, the title seemed obvious. If you are interested in this painting, please take a look on my website for more details.

Vintage straight razors, shaving razor
©2020 Dorothy Lorenze, Sweeney Todd's Curtain Call

Another in this series is The Regiment. An assemblage of shaving brushes standing at attention with touches of regimental red and blue just struck me as having an esprit de corps. This painting is 10 x 10" and is also available on my website.

still life, vintage barber brushes, shaving brushes
©2020 Dorothy Lorenze, The Regiment

Next came a composition where one of the group had something of a downfall. Maybe the red background suggests a conflict? This little painting is called Man Down (obviously). It's 6 x 9". All these paintings are done on panels and all are sold framed in classic plein air frames.

still life, vintage barber brushes, shaving brushes
©2020 Dorothy Lorenze, Man Down

The barber tool paintings became a series because, although I was prepared to return them to New York in February... suddenly no one was going anywhere. I've been making good use of my extended time with these beautiful tools of the trade. The paintings below have already found new homes. Left to right they are: Family Resemblance, Blood Money and Vintage Barber Brushes.

©2020 Dorothy Lorenze
For a change of pace, and maybe more timely in subject, this painting is a composite of photos taken in Aix en Provence a few years ago. The impact of the light on the pillars and a child all alone created  a moving scenario but I hadn't yet been motivated to paint it. The time just seems right for this one and I call it Grace in Isolation. I hope you agree.

interior genre, church interior, light in church, original oil painting
©2020 Dorothy Lorenze, Grace in Isolation

During this difficult time when we are not only trying to stay safe, but, stay cheerful (!) it's been wonderful to see the creative ways folks are supporting one another - at a distance. I guess it says something about us all being in this together. Everyone's life has changed. We've followed rules, made masks, supported health care professionals, donated to communities in greater need and tipped grocery store cashiers. All the while being thankful for the privilege of having a home to shelter in comfortably and the loving support of friends and family. Gratitude and kindness - we need all we can get... and give.

I hope you and your loved ones are well and able to appreciate the goodness around you even on the most challenging days. As always, thank you following along on my art journey and for all the kind words of support on Facebook, Instagram and my blog/newsletter. I'll be back soon with more paintings to share. Hopefully we will see one another out and about very soon.

Take care. Stay safe. Be kind. Be creative!

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