Friday, July 3, 2020

Interdependence Day

Does anybody know what day it is? Perhaps not. Fortunately I have help with my calendar as two of our grandchildren come for weekly playdates. Otherwise we'd have no sense of time... and far less laughter! 

But I hear July 4th is coming.

This year Independence Day might feel more like Interdependence Day. We're all in it together... apart. Thankfully, folks around here are generally considerate - maintaining safe distance and wearing masks in public.  While we may be cranky about restrictions, I feel pretty fortunate overall. 

Artists are generally comfortable with solitude anyway. I love the quiet of my studio, where my mind is somehow settled and invigorated at the same time. There are many ups and downs in painting and it's a good day when the ugly duckling stages are balanced with satisfying moments. But art-making is a little like the tree that falls in the forest - more fully appreciated when it's actually witnessed. 

So I love hearing how a piece resonates - the story about a feather painting connecting a young woman with her grandmother or a vintage object bringing a warm nostalgic moment to mind. Which brings me back to "interdependence" on this Independence Day. Most often I'm painting for the challenge of rendering a subject in an interesting and skillful manner, but the icing on the cake is knowing how a piece impacts others. And I thank you all for that perspective.

Here are some recent red, white and blue paintings for this July 4th. I've been on a roll painting beautiful  flow-blue china in our new, old house. All were fun and challenging but I think I enjoyed Blue on Blue the best. And I don't even like blue cheese!

If you'd like to learn more about these paintings click on the images for the link to their website page.

heirloom tomato, flow blue china, still life
Heirloom and Antique ©2020 Dorothy Lorenze

ripe tomato, flow blue plate
Juicy & Blue ©2020 Dorothy Lorenze

Blue cheese and flow blue china
Blue on Blue ©2020 Dorothy Lorenze

Baby Red Onions came about because I saw these beauties in the produce section and loved the way the shiny white bulbs, stained with purple-red striations, contrasted with the translucently, water-filled, green sprouts. Fascinating textures to capture. Onions were not on my list that day but we take inspiration when it comes.

red onions, baby onions, still life
Baby Red Onions ©2020 Dorothy Lorenze

The week when there were virtually no eggs anywhere I found a small box of delicate, pale blue eggs. Six local heirloom eggs. They were probably delicious, but of course we never tasted them since they were unrefrigerated for days while being painted. The bowl in this still life is one I've had for awhile. Even though it's actually contemporary, I love it for its Art Deco meets Neoclassicism collaboration. I call the painting Scrambling, in deference to the crazy times we are living in. I'm honored that this painting was purchased as a house warming gift. It's hard enough to buy/sell a house without being in pandemic isolation! How special that my painting was bought to celebrate folks moving closer to family.

pale blue eggs, vintage china bowl, still life
Scrambled ©2020 Dorothy Lorenze

There have been several pandemic painting purchases lately. Here is a happy art collector who treated herself to some art as "home improvement" during isolation (safe, socially-distanced delivery by my daughter).
art collector with painting
Orange and Ginger ©2020 Dorothy Lorenze

Another recent sale was made to someone who had seen my work in an art exhibit last fall and eventually found me via the event organizers. He had missed out on buying a painting and couldn't quite forget it. So now he has purchased Rosy Nosegay and commissioned two others. That's dedication - and I'm so appreciative of the interest, and effort!

rose bouquet, silver pitcher
Rosy Nosegay ©2020 Dorothy Lorenze

And lastly, today I heard the good news that, with the acceptance of my painting Chicks and Balances, I was awarded the status of Elected Member of Allied Artists of America. I'm honored but also just happy for the painting's sake because it was a favorite of mine and I'm tickled that it was recognized. I don't know if that sounds weird, but think of it as being proud of your kids' successes.

1920s pottery, ceramic chicks, vintage scale
Chicks and Balances ©2020 Dorothy Lorenze

So, I haven't been to an art show, exhibit, museum, arts organization or casual art talk with artist friends in... months. And it feels pretty weird. We all are missing the sort of routine activities and relationships that are easy to take for granted. Here's hoping the "new normal" will return to the real normal soon. Who would have thought we would still be at home after four months. It's quite unimaginable, and yet, pretty much doable. Meanwhile, I'm still painting. I hope you are enjoying some kind of summer fun!

Thank you for joining me on my art journey and for weighing in with your comments and questions. 

Take care. Stay safe. Be kind. Be creative!

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