Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Family "Heirlooms"

As an artist "gifting" art for a special occasion never came easily to me. 

Recently there have been a crop of family weddings and I've found a way to create something personal for the newlyweds. This is the third of four wedding paintings so far. Another includes a photo of my parents dating. They are all different.

Samantha's painting features granny's (my mother) teacup along with marshmallow twists in front of the silver pitcher. Candy as a family heirloom? Here's the reason: my dad had a voracious sweet tooth (must have been a molar... certainly not a wisdom tooth!) One of his favorite candies was marshmallow twists, so anyone who knew him will get the connection! 

I'm happy to give the new couple a warm start with a bit of family nostalgia.

Next wedding is in June. The challenge is on!

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