Sunday, April 1, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes...

Okay, here goes. I'm taking my art journey to a new place... starting a blog. It's official. Let the bloggin' begin!

After many years as a graphic artist and a lifetime of drawing I began painting in oils in 2007. It took a change of scenery to actually get started, but once I jumped in, it felt great! I've been painting ever since and enjoying it more and more.
Painting is wonderful...and frustrating, inspiring, difficult and rewarding. Sometimes all in the same day! So I take encouragement wherever I can get it. One of my favorite comments EVER came from my grand daughter Jule. She was 5 and I was trying to paint a still life of her Russian Nesting dolls. It's chock full of ellipses and the forms were escaping me! Jule wanted to know how it was going.

So I told her, "Oh Jule, it's really difficult, I don't know if this is going to come out so good. There are so many circles and it's really hard to do..."

And Jule said, "Just do your best, I know I'll love it!"


So I did my best, and of course she loves it! But I love her confidence in me. This photo is  a bit out of focus, but since the original is proudly displayed in Jule's bedroom, it's all I've got. I wanted to share the painting and the story because it reminds me to listen to voices other than my own!

What an adventure -
...circles, ellipses and color, oh my!
So this is one of my first oil paintings - the one that inspired Jule to inspire me!


  1. hi Dorothy! welcome to blogging.. isn't this fun.. let's stay in touch.. love your writing style and your painting is lovely!

  2. Thanks Susie!
    Now that I have some of the kinks worked out, it IS fun!
    My husband still hasn't been able to post a comment from his computer. I may get in trouble for "blocking" him! ;)


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