Saturday, April 28, 2012

sublime to ridiculous

If last week's post about creating a nostalgic family heirloom painting was leaning toward the sublime,  time-honored tradition of classical historical narrative (leaning, I'm saying) then this one just might be the ridiculous!

It's still nostalgic, in a convoluted, "twisted," tongue-in-cheek sort of way.

You may have noticed I get great inspiration in the produce aisles. Last week I noticed this  chunky, Chubby Pepper. Putting it on the checkered cloth just seemed natural since the name Chubby Checker came to mind immediately. And don't you just love how the reflection of the white squares dances around the pepper!

So, of course I looked up Chubby Checker for this post and - you won't believe this - he worked in a grocery store and was nicknamed "Chubby" by the produce manager!

Ah the circle of life!

PS - In case you are wondering, Chubby's last name "Checker" came from Dick Clark's wife as a play on "Domino" when she heard him imitate Fats Domino!

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