Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Get Framed!

Making art can get expensive so I'm always looking for "quality bargains." Sounds like an oxymoron but not really - if what you're buying isn't decent quality, then it's not a bargain. More importantly, it won't compliment your artwork!

If you think of art as food for the soul (essential, really good food!) then the main course is your artwork. The frame?... well it's not quite the icing on the cake, more like a condiment! But if it's the wrong choice, it could be a disaster. Fries with... mayo? NO.

Local framing stores are far too expensive for a daily painter (so sorry, I do buy local whenever I can). I've tried chain craft stores, and other online frame companies but my go-to suppliers are Dick Blick and Art Supply Warehouse for quality, simple, plein air style frames that compliment without competing. Both come in a variety of finishes. The ASW frames are great in black, gold or silver. I prefer Dick Blick for wood colors. Popular sizes are available from both but only ASW has 6" squares and only Dick Blick has 8" squares. Go figure! Both offer bulk discounts and there is a flat fee for shipping (or no fee over a certain $$ amount). Get on their mailing list to catch a special sale for even better bargains.

Here's an example. This little "plum pedestal" was selected for the Mamaroneck Artist's Guild Small Works show next month. Stop in during the reception May 19 from 7-9, say hello, enjoy the art and check out the quality of these frames for yourself!

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